League Rules


All Rules are subject to change without notice.

The TWFBL (Ted Williams Fantasy Baseball League) is designed to be a FREE & FUN environment to enjoy some simulated baseball.   The website is created, designed and maintained by one person.   So come join the fun, but remember that it is only a game!   League Rules are subject to change at any time as deemed necessary by the Commissioner and/or Board of Directors.

League Name:  Ted Williams Fantasy Baseball League

League Website:

League Commissioner:  Charles Wilkins IV

AL President: Jeff Martin

NL President: Michael Jarvis

Board of Directors: The league will have a Board of Directors (BOD) that contains an odd number of members (minimum of 3).

The Common Sense Rule (CSR):

The TWFBL is designed to recreate a modern baseball experience.   With that said, the Out of the Park (OOTP) game used for simulation has its limitations.   These limitations can create loopholes where an unfair advantage can be gained that would not occur in real life.   By join the league, you agree to not attempt to gain any unfair advantages.   This common sense policy simply states that at any time if the BOD determines that you are creating an unrealistic experience that the Board can take unilateral action to prevent and/or reverse moves that go against the spirit of the game.

If the BOD determines that you are in violation of this CSR, the manager(s) have the opportunity to provide a written explanation (email to the board members ONLY) for their move.   The Board will then make a FINAL verdict.   No further discussions, arguments, etc. will be tolerated.   Simply stated:  “It if seems to good to be true, it probably is!”   If you are uncertain if your move will be considered as a violation of the CSR you can simply email the BOD to receive guidance.  Your move will likely receive better reception if you’ve asked first.   This is NOT one of those situations where it is better to do it first and ask for forgiveness later!!   

General League Etiquette:

  • Each manager is required to provide a functional email address to the league for communication purposes.
  • Email addresses for managers are provided as a courtesy. Please refrain from using a manager’s email address for any purpose other than league correspondences.  Anyone found spamming, advertising, etc. to the league will be removed from the league and banned.
  • All members of the league as expected to act in a manner that does not offend other managers. Any complaints will be addressed accordingly.   This includes correspondences by email, forum posts, chat room posts, etc.

League Setup:

Game Engine:  OOTP 8 (Out of the Park Baseball 8)

Type of League:   Tiered Contracts with Annual Free Agent Draft & Rookie Draft.

Starting Season:  1960

# of Game/season: 162

# of Teams:   12

League Playoff Structure:  2 Leagues (6 teams in each), 1 Division per League

# of Games/Sim:   7

Sim Schedule:   Once Weekly.   Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern (Subject to change as needed)

Interleague Play:  No

Designated Hitter:  Both Leagues

Playoff Teams:   4 (Division winners and 1 wildcard per league)

Playoff Structure:

  • LCS – Best of 7
  • WS – Best of 7

Scouting & Coaching:  Disabled

GM Control: GM Only

Injuries: Enabled

Injury Frequency:  Average

Position Player Fatigue: Average

Rating Scales: 1 to 20

Player Personality Ratings and Morale System: Enabled

Minor Leagues:AAA Only

Roster Size:25 (start of season thru 8/31), 40 (9/1 until playoffs), 25 throughout playoffs

Disabled List:  Minimum stint of 14 days

Automatically Import Historical Rookies:  Enabled

Amateur Draft: Enabled

Amateur Draft Date: June 15th (simulation date)

Financials: Off

Spring Training: Enabled

Use Balanced Schedule:  Disabled

Typical Series Length: 3 Games

All-Star Game: Enabled


  • Membership in the league is FREE.
  • Owners can only own/manage 1 team in the league
  • In the event a team is neglected, it will be put on computer control until a suitable owner is found. The computer will run the team.  However, there will be no trading between human and computer owned teams.
  • The software (OOTP 8) is required for all managers. The software is free and there are links to the download file and manual on the website.
  • By registering for the league, you agree to these League Rules

Membership Activity Requirements:

  • Each owner is expected to actively participate in the league. Failure to do so will result in removal from the league.

 Manager Responsibilities:

  • Exporting
  • Roster Management
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Lineup and Rotation Management
  • Disabled List Management
  • DFA Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Participation


It is mandatory for every GM to export in advance of every regular season sim regardless of whether or not they have moves to make. Members are also expected to export in advance of any playoff simulation in which their team is participating. Exporting in advance of off-season simulation is optional but highly encouraged.

Exports may be submitted at any time during a sim cycle. To avoid last-second hang-ups that may prevent you from exporting, all members are advised to send a “safety export” immediately upon importing a new league file. A more thorough export may be submitted later in the cycle. Getting into the habit of sending a “safety export” is good practice.

If you have problem with the FTP Export, you are expected to email the commissioner with your export files.

Exports should be completed no later than 1 hour prior to simulation time.

TRANSACTION REPORTING:  All Transactions MUST be reported to the commissioner prior to each simulation.

  • Demotions:
    • Demotions can be done without notification as it does not change the contract status.
  • Promotions: 
    • Promotions of players (from AAA to Majors) are handled by the manager through the Export file, however an email MUST be sent to the commissioner to report Contract information.  This includes offering a Major League Contract or stating the player is already under contract.
    • Players promoted without an email will get a 1 Year Contract.
    • Failure to report transactions will result in warnings and/or removal from the league. 
  • Trades:
    • Trades must be reported to the commissioner from both teams via email.
    • Trade emails MUST include contract information (this allows the contracts to be released from the team trading away the player(s) and also so new contracts can be created for the receiving team).
    • Trades without contract information WILL NOT be processed.
  • Releases:
    • Players being released should be emailed to the entire league (so all managers are aware of the player availability).
    • This email also allows the commissioner to understand that the contract needs to be voided.


GMs are expected to have all applicable lineups, rotations and depth charts fully set up for each team within their organization while that team’s league is in season. Minimum requirements include:

  • Appropriate batting orders completely filled out
  • Depth charts that are reasonably set up to utilize all hitters on the roster
  • At least 4 pitchers slotted as SP
  • At least 5 pitchers slotted as RP

As leaving injured players on a roster increases the risk of injury to other players on the roster via overuse, GMs are expected to adjust for injuries (use the Disabled Lists as appropriate) and take other roster movement as needed.


Players must be removed from your DL within one sim of returning to full health and serving their minimum DL stint. Note that the number associated with each DL (15 or 60-day) represents the minimum time the player must remain there, not the maximum.

Team Info:

  • Teams may not change their team names mid-season.
  • Team Name changes require a logo (500 pixels x 500 pixels)
  • Team Names & Logos cannot replicate any major sports affiliate.
  • Team Relocation cannot happen mid-season.
  • Managers may relocate their team during their first off season. All re-locations after that point must be approved by the BOD.

Lineups & Rosters:

  • Roster Size:
    • 25 (start of season thru 8/31)
    • 40 (9/1 until playoffs)
    • 25 throughout playoffs
  • All Lineups, Depth Charts and Pitching Rotations should be complete and submitted via Export File.


  • Each team can have the following player contracts:
    • 1 Lifetime (99 year) contract
    • 2 @ 7 Years
    • 2 @ 6 Years
    • 3 @ 5 Years
    • 4 @ 4 Years
    • 5 @ 3 Years
    • 5 @ 2 Years
    • Unlimited number of 1 year contracts
    • Minor League Contracts (unlimited)
  • All Free Agent claims made during the regular season can only be offered a 'Minor League Contract' or a '1 Year Contract'.  Players will accept  '1 Year Contracts' (based on Waiver Order) prior to any consideration of `Minor League Contracts`.

Free Agents:

  • Each season there will be an off season Free Agent Draft.  Draft Order will be based on prior season records.  Draft will continue as long as managers wish to draft and have open roster spots to fill.
  • Free Agents claimed during the regular season can only be signed to a Minor League Contract or 1 Year Contracts.  1 Year Contract offers get priority over Minor League Contracts.
  • Free Agents will sign via a Waiver Process.  The Waiver Order will be posted in the league forum.
  • The Free Agents will sign at the end of each sim.
  • Free Agent claims MUST be submitted no later than 1 hour prior to the sim.   Claims made between the deadline & sim start time will not be honored.  This allows the commissioner time to prepare the claims so they can be easily processed immediately following the games.
  • Free Agent Claims MUST be submitted in the League Forum.   
    • Each Team should create their own post.
    • If making multiple claims, the order of preference should be indicated in the post.
    • Each claim should include the type of contract offered ('1 Year Major League Contract' or `Minor League Contract`)
    • Once a sim is over:
      • The claims will be processed.
      • The forum post locked.
      • The Waiver Order updated.  

Waiver Process:

  • All Free Agent claims will be handled through a waiver process.
  • All Free Agent claimed will be made via the league forum.  
  • Claims will be processed immediately following the weekly simulation.
  • All Waiver/Free Agent claims must be accompanied by their contract type ('Minor League Contract' or '1 Year Contract').   Players offered a 1 Year Contract will automatically accept that contract offer over any Minor League Contract offers.
  • Initial Waiver Order for each season will be determined by prior season record.
  • As a Free Agent Claim is processed to your team, your team will move to the bottom of the Waiver Order.
  • The Waiver Order will be posted (and updated) on the League Forum.

Player Release:

  • All player releases should be emailed to the entire league so everyone is aware of the player availability.

Inaugural Draft:

  • All Drafts are held in the TWFBL Chat Room
  • The Inaugural Draft Order will not be set until the league is full.   At that point, the 'Random Order' will be pushed.
  • The Inaugural Draft will be 25 rounds by managers.  All rounds beyond that will be computer generated.   Any remaining AAA slots will be filled with fictional players (if necessary)

Rookie Draft:

  • Each June 1st (in the simulation software) a Rookie Draft will be conducted. 
  • The order will be based on Prior Season standings.   (Exception: First Season Rookie Draft will be the reverse order of the Inaugural Draft Order)
  • Serpentine Draft Order will be used.
  • Length of the draft will be determined by number of players available.
  • Draft Pool will be posted as soon as it is available within the software

League Expansion:

  • If the league waiting list becomes populated to a point where the BOD believes that league expansion is possible, an Expansion Draft will be held.
  • Draft order for the Expansion Draft will be random.
  • Expansions Teams will have the top picks in the Amateur Draft for their Inaugural season. This order will be reversed from the Expansion Draft.    So team picking first in the Expansion Draft will be the last expansion team to draft in the Amateur Draft.

Expansion Drafts:

  • Expansion Drafts will be held prior to players being released to the general pool.
  • Expansion Draft will be held in the League Chat Room.
  • All Teams will submit a ‘Protected Players’ list of 5 players (2 Pitchers, 2 Position Players and 1 optional position).  They should also provide a list of 4 alternate protected players.  Once a player from your team is selected, the remaining 'alternate protect players' will be protected.   
  • Once a player is selected from a team, their ‘Protected Player List’ expands to their full 9 protected players list. All other players are available for draft as they would be released anyway.

Trade Rules:

  • All details of the trade need to be emailed to the commissioner by both managers.
  • Trade emails must be received no later than 4 hours prior to the simulation in order to be processed for that simulation. This allows time for a new league file to be created and exports to be created by the trading teams.
  • The Commissioners may postpone any league trade that he feels is not in the best interest of the league. The trade is then sent to the BOD for review.   Should the BOD veto the trade, managers will be able to appeal to the Board with their perspective of the trade.   Once the appeal is heard, a vote will be head by the BOD and their decision will be FINAL.
  • If a trade is pending (because it does not meet the 4 hour limit) and a player is injured during the simulation, both teams must re-acknowledge the trade by email.
  • Maximum # of players moving from any team is 5.
  • Players selected in the Amateur Draft are ineligible to be traded until the conclusion of that season’s playoffs.
  • Players on a team’s 60-day DL may not be included in trades.  Additionally, players listed as facing one month or more of recovery time may not be included in trades.
  • Drafting of Draft Picks is not allowed. However, owners may make deals at their own risk to draft somebody and then trade him to another owner after the draft.
  • Trade Deadline is July 31st (simulation date). If this happens during a scheduled simulation, the simulation for that week will stop at that date to allow for any “last minute deals”.   Simulation will resume at the next scheduled simulation day.
  • Managers cannot trade with computer owned teams.
  • Traded players can be assigned contracts equal to their current (or lesser year) contracts.  The only exception would be if you wish to assign your team's 'Lifetime Contract' (if available) to a player received in a trade.

League File:

  • The League Commissioner is responsible to post a league file following each simulation (and any other time, as necessary).
  • The link to download the league file is available to League Managers only via the website.
  • The league file will be in the format tar.gz
  • The league file can be extracted using 7-Zip File Archiver. This is a free utility to zip and unzip compressed files.   Note that the league file is zipped twice, so it will need to be extracted twice.
  • The league files should be extracted to Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 8\saved_games\TWFBL.lg
  • The easiest way to install the league file is through the software.
  • The manager is responsible to assure his computer/firewall/anti-virus software/router are capable of importing & exporting the league files.   Help is available by the commissioner (when available).

League Simulation:

  • All export files will be imported prior to the league simulation. Exports are required a minimum of 1 hour prior to simulation.  Any exports after that point may or may not get imported.  
  • A league simulation will be held in the League Chat Room per the League Settings above.
  • Scores of each game will be read off as they are simulated.
  • No lineup/rotation/roster changes are allowed during the simulation except due to injury.
  • If an injury occurs that will take more than 3 days to heal, the simulation will stop. If the manager is in the chat room, he will be able to make lineup/rotation/roster changes for the effected player only.