The TWFBL League Rules have been completed and the league setup has been determined.    We will be running a tiered-contract length format.   Each team has a number of contract lengths they can issue to each player.   There are no salaries attached to the contracts.  We are NOT running any financials.   See the TWFBL League Rules for all the details on how the league will be run.

The CBBFL managers will have first shot at acquiring teams in the league.   One of the reasons for the startup of this league was to attempt to keep communicating with those members even when the football season was over.   Once the CBBFL managers have had their chance to register, the league will be opened to the general public for registration purposes.   We will start as a simple 12 team league.   Expansion is already setup in the league rules should be have the need to add teams in the future.

Historical, baseball expanded as followings:

  • Pre-1960: 16 teams
  • 1961: expanded to 18 teams
  • 1962: expanded to 20 teams
  • 1969: expanded to 24 teams
  • 1977: expanded to 26 teams
  • 1993: expanded to 28 teams
  • 1998: expanded to 30 teams

We don't need to follow those timelines, but introducing expansion at a faster result would result in more Fictional Players having to be added to the league.


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